Thursday, June 13, 2013

Having More Understanding On Concrete Moisture Content

Have you ever heard about concrete moisture content? Usually, you will hear this term when you are going to build a certain building or any other construction. If you need to have more information about this certain term, you are reading the right article. You will get more information about this term in a short but brief explanation here.

Now let us have more understanding on the term concrete first. Concrete refers to construction materials that should be cured or hardened in significant period of time before being used. You will use the term of moisture content to state the amount of moisture presented to a concrete mixture.

Moisture content is usually calculated in several different ways. It is calculated not only from the amount of water added after the mixture is poured, but also from the moisture level found in the ground around the lump. You have to notice that the moisture of the ground is also absorbed into the concrete at the same time as it hardens. Therefore, you should also check the humidity or moisture level of the ground in order to get tough and strong structures.

Besides, you should also notice that water moisture available in the air is also very important. This certain moisture level should also be calculated you are going to find the moisture content. When the certain area has very low humidity, you need to add some water. However, you should reduce some amount of water when the certain area has high level of humidity.

Then how to calculate concrete moisture content? It is actually quite simple. You just need to calculate it as the ratio between the concrete volume and the water weight. For example, you need to have 40 lbs of water for each cubic yard. You can make it appropriate with the humidity level of the air and the ground of the certain area.

Why do we need to have proper calculation of concrete moisture content? You need to notice that the right calculation will help you a lot to get strong and sturdy structure. You should notice that miscalculating the moisture content of the cement could lead to some significant problems, including weak or cracked structures. Surely, these problems will be very dangerous for people who are going to live or do their activities inside the building in the future. Now, you have more understanding on concrete moisture level and its importance.

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